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Syed Ally (MBA 06)


Breakfast with my Emory classmate Syed Mehrab Ally (MBA 06).

I didn’t remember Syed was in Atlanta until he responded to my post on LinkedIn with Professor Valerio.

I feel honored that Syed made the time to meet up with me on such short notice. Syed isn’t very active on Facebook, but checks his LinkedIn more regularly. He’s also very well connected with our Emory MBA alumni (MBA 06) in Atlanta, so my classmates should definitely to reach out to him when you visit Atlanta.

Syed is the VP of Financial Planning & Analysis (FP&A) at Secureworks, a publicly traded company. Previous, he was at Incomm, a partner I worked closely with at Boost Mobile.

Out of curiosity, I asked Syed now that he’s done FP&A for a number of years at private & public companies: Is there a smart way to do FP&A and a dumb way?

His response: The dumb way is to do FP&A once a quarter or once a year. The smart way is to do it continuously.

He also told me how CFO’s prepare for Investor Analyst calls. As soon as the quarter ends, the Controller department and his FP&A team would provide Investor Relations the final numbers.

Based on all the questions analysts had asked IR over the quarter, IR would prepare a list of questions that they think analysts would ask during earnings call. IR would send the list of questions, prepare an overarching story, and ask the Controller, FP&A and Treasury teams to prepare answers to those questions and discuss with the CFO and CEO.

Very insightful. I’m always amazed at the caliber of talent of my Emory MBA classmates.

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