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Thanksgiving with Urvi Bhandari (MBA 06)

Mountain View, CA (Silicon Valley):

My Emory classmate Urvi Bhandari (MBA 06) invited me to her home for Thanksgiving 2021. Around 30 people showed up for a fantastic meal. We had French, Italian, Indian and American dishes.

Kids were playing video games in the living room while the adults were enjoying hors d'oeuvre, fine cocktails and ping pong in the kitchen and garage.

Urvi moved to the San Francisco Bay Area three years ago. She met the love of her life, Cyril Bouteille (her life partner and yes, he’s French), and decided to settle here for the next phase of her life.

Previously, she traveled all around the world, working remotely, leveraging her corporate marketing, operations and strategy experiences from AT&T, IBM, Coca-Cola, and Walmart to secure freelance work while living a nomadic and minimalistic lifestyle focusing on self awareness. During this time, she discovered she really enjoyed coaching & connecting people who came to her for help. In 2014, she started an Executive Coaching business: Urvi B, Executive Coach (

After working 5 years as an Executive Coach, Urvi wanted to take her coaching business to the next level. So in 2019, she and a business partner founded to automate the process that she uses for one-on-one career coaching and placement into AI software. The vision is to create a mass market career coaching and job placement / networking platform with almost the same level of one-on-one coaching service for any career professional, not just for high paying executives.

Their Peppercorn Discovery program for college graduates, job seekers, career switchers and others is currently FREE to enroll. You can apply through:

It was good catching up with Urvi. Last year, I went camping with her and her family (Cyril & two boys) in the Sierra Nevada mountains. It’s good to see Urvi already making lots of friends in the San Francisco Bay Area and finding the love of her life.

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