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Sean Mahoney (MBA 06)


My classmate Laura Barfield dropped me off after lunch to visit our other MBA 06 classmate Sean Mahoney, who is the CEO of Masten Space Systems, Inc.

Sean's company, founded by David Masten, CTO, recently won a $75.9 million NASA contract to land scientific payloads on the Moon using Masten's XL-1 Lunar Lander.

Laura's kids love everything space, so Sean gave Laura some Masten swag to inspire the next generation of space explorers.

Sean also gave me some good suggestions on Guerilla Marketing for Swarm Buddy. I almost forgot how good Sean is in coming up with Guerilla Marketing tactics. I understand conceptually the ideas of Guerilla Marketing, but Sean’s skills are just instinctive and natural.

One of the things I like most about Sean is his warm personality and character.

I remember Sean as the first domestic Atlanta student who welcomed me at one of the early MBA parties (introducing me to game of Flip Cups). Coming from California, I really appreciate people like Sean who made me feel at home during my Emory MBA program.

We also bonded with many other great classmates on our Emory MBA India trip. Glad to see Sean doing well personally (wife & 1 son) and professionally.

Go Masten. And go Mandy Mahoney (Sean’s wife) who is running for Atlanta City Council, District 5.

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