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Renette Rier and Zaid Duwayri (MBA 06)


My 14th stop. Hanging out with my Emory MBA 06 classmates Renette Rier and Zaid Duwayri over lunch at Emory Village, Panera Bread.

It was great catching with friends. Both haven’t seemed to age since graduation. Both are married with kids, so I really appreciate them coming out to meet me with their busy schedules.

Zaid commented that it’s funny how the out-of-town classmates bring together the in-town classmates. When Ohad Gil came in town to visit, that’s when he saw Daria Mak who lives really close by Zaid. That’s what happens when you have kids, but Zaid loves his kids.

Zaid wanted me to tell our classmates on social media that he loves to meet you when you visit. Be sure to friend him on Facebook.

Zaid is doing consulting work. He really enjoys his job advising small and medium sized technology companies, helping them with operations and finance and helping them achieve the next level of growth.

Renette is working at Roseburg Forest Products. She’s worked at Georgia Pacific and Kimberly-Clark in a number of business leadership roles.

I joked with her that maybe she should consider working for Dunder Mufflin.

Renette said that she oversaw the paper products during the beginning of COVID. Maybe we can ask her for some toilet paper in the next pandemic.

Renette and I went on the Goizueta India trip led by Professor Reshma Shah. I got to know so many good friends through this trip.

Zaid and I were assigned to the same 1st year Goizueta group of 6 students. I remember working closely with him on the DIA final.

I’m thankful for so many wonderful classmates Emory has given me. More classmates in Atlanta to come.

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