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Melissa Tartt (MBA 06)


Tea with my Emory classmate Melissa Tartt (MBA 06).

Melissa and I both served at the Goizueta Christian Fellowship along with our other classmate Chris Presley.

She was also on my Integrated Marketing Communication team along with Nsombi Ricketts, Ginger Green Chubs, and Emeline Abeita taught by Professor Reshma Shah.

Since graduation, she worked on a number of Brand Management roles with her last position as Director of Brand Management at Newell Rubbermaid before leaving to starting her on own consulting company, GLIS Consulting (TM).

She discovered she really enjoys the actual brand management, go-to-market planning & execution, and product leadership work at her roles at Newell Rubbermaid and CIBA Vision.

Previously, she started a non-profit company on the side that was her personal passion but couldn’t put as much effort into it due to the responsibilities of her full time job. So she decided to take the entrepreneurial plunge 4 years ago with GLIS Consulting.

Beyond work, Melissa serves at church and would love to explore more opportunities with ministry or missions work.

Melissa is more active on LinkedIn. You can reach out to her there.

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