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Homecoming with Professor Kristy Towry

Emory Homecoming in Atlanta:

Look who I randomly bumped into at the Emory Quad: Professor Kristy Towry.

Professor Towry taught my MBA Managerial Accounting class. I still remember Peanut Butter Accounting and ABC accounting.

Still a faculty at Emory University, she was so excited to see me. And when I showed her photos of the classmates I visited on my 38-day trip, she still remembers many of our faces and names.

I showed her my Swarm Buddy app. She immediately understood the concept (meaning: she’s a fun person).

She said she’ll tell her friends and keep me in mind if any connection can help me with the marketing of my app (e.g., influencers / bloggers of fun activities such as sports activities (e.g., cycling, tailgating), connections with Fraternities or Sororities, or even bar hopping at events like SantaCon 2021).

She also suggested I read a book on “Strategy Mapping” by (I believe) Robert S. Kaplan who developed Activity-based Cost Accounting (ABC).

We had to cut our conversation short since she had another meeting, but hopefully, I can catch her at MBA Homecoming Kegs tonight.

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