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Ginger Green Chubbs (MBA 06)


Breakfast this morning with my Emory classmate Ginger Green Chubbs (MBA 06).

Ginger and I were assign to same project group in our Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) class along with Nsombi Ricketts, Melissa Tartt, and Emeline Abeita taught by Professor Reshma Shah.

She has 3 kids now. 11 years old and 9 year old fraternal twins.

We talked about work, church, travel and some random dating ideas for me.

Ginger is currently working as a Program Manager with the Cherokee Nation Businesses (yes, that’s the Native American organization), specializing in public health projects & contracts with the CDC. Previously, she worked with the Chickasaw Nation Industries. So Ginger might be a good resource if you want contacts with Native American organizations or the CDC.

Ginger is still in touch with our Black MBA classmates in Atlanta, Melissa Tartt, Devon Channer, Laura Barfield, Jessie Magee, and a few others, periodically attending their children’s birthday parties before COVID. Ginger’s husband used to affectionately call their group (all our Black MBA 06 classmates) the G-unit (G is for Goizueta) since they were so tight.

I’m so glad I had the opportunity to catch up with Ginger while I am in Atlanta.

She hopes to travel more. She told me one of her favorite trips was with two other friends to Egypt & Senegal. Hopefully when her kids are a little older, she can travel more and meet up with our International MBA classmates all over the world.

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