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Dinner with classmates at Rachel Hsu's home


Visiting my Chinese & Taiwanese Emory classmates, Wendy Feng (MBA 06), Rachel Hsu (MBA 07), Peggy Chen (MBA 06) and Keith Tyson (MBA 06).

I told Keith not to be shy. He and the rest of our classmates are always welcomed at our Chinese MBA gatherings.

Additionally, everyone at the gathering has to speak English because I never learned Mandarin Chinese.

Between Pamela Huang (MBA 05) and these ladies, you have many contacts with the Chinese & Taiwanese MBA 05, 06, 07, 08, 09, 10, and 11 community. Some of them continue to keep in touch with our alumni in China & Taiwan through WeChat & WhatsApp. So if you need their help, one of these ladies or collectively as a group, they might be able to assist you.

Here’s a quick update from everyone:

1. Keith is doing Product Marketing in Healthcare. He’s married with a 2 year old son. Still looks the same, just wiser and more white hair.

2. Peggy started a new job as a Senior Manager with BDO. Previously she was at Ernst & Young for almost forever with a 1 year stint at PWC. Two kids: A boy and a girl. Still looking beautiful as ever.

3. Wendy is married with 2 kids. I didn’t know until today. I guess that explains why she disappeared from Facebook. She works at the Teachers Retirement System of Georgia as an Investment Analyst. Still looking beautiful as ever.

I asked Wendy how she found her husband. She said it was through a Chinese dating site or app for the United States. Knowing Wendy’s preferences for a husband back in b-school, I asked her husband … so did you lie on your dating profile that you were 6 feet tall, rich and handsome to get Wendy’s attention? Glad to see Wendy happily married.

4. Rachel started a new business last year called CollabNxt with her business partner, co-worker from her previous company. She used to manage global partnerships for GSMA events such as Mobile World Congress. She and her partner are taking their work experience in building partnerships and going beyond events she managed for GSMA. I finally got to meet her two kids and her dog. Still beautiful as ever … including the dog.

I really appreciate Rachel hosting our get together at her lovely home in Brookhaven. She also got us take-out dinner.

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