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Breakfast with Professor Reshma Shah


Coffee on the patio with Professor Reshma Shah at Kaldi’s in Emory University.

Professor Shah (or just Reshma to her students) organized and led my Goizueta India 2005 / 2006 trip. This trip led to many, many great friendships. It was really fun.

Reshma told me that our trip was the best India trip she organized. We saw many top CEO’s in India, the movers and shakers of industry. We even got to personally have tea with the President of India, Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam. Reshma had to make literally 100 phone calls while my classmates and I were relaxing in Ranthambore National Park for us to meet the President.

After our India trip, word got out to the other business schools and every school tried to get facetime with the Indian CEO’s and President, so they limited hosting. In other words, we got lucky.

Reshma is doing well. She had knee surgery, so she has to take things a little more easy … teach one less class, maybe doing some of her voice acting hobby.

It was crazy last year teaching with COVID. She had students all over the world (students returned home instead of stay on campus). I think she said she taught 3 Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) classes and GMSC (now called Impact). Her Impact students surprisingly put together a great proposal to their client.

During the Pandemic, 9 people stayed at her home (not the same house where we had the post-India party). It was a bit crazy, but everything worked out. Her husband is doing fabulous with his business. Her eldest daughter is a senior at UC San Diego.

And her father, Jagdish Sheth, is still teaching at Emory at 80+ age … and still hasn’t bought a Jag (car) yet.

We got to talk about my business Swarm Buddy. She gave me some ideas and suggested people I should talk to.

One recommendation was that I talk to the influencers or engaged alumni of the biggest Fraternities or Sororities (e.g., Tri Delta) to pitch my free app for them to use at parties or tailgating events.

So if any of my classmates or friends participated in Fraternities or Sororities or know of an engaged alumni, I’d appreciate if you could get me connected. Thanks.

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