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Daria Makhoukova (MBA 06)

Atlanta (my final night):

Daria. Daria. Daria. Where do I begin? Daria Makhoukova and I were assigned to the same 1st semester MBA group at our Emory MBA program. There was also Tony Diebold, Salima Ladha, Bill Booth, and Zaid Duwayri.

But Daria was special. Why? Because I went to her for advice when I couldn’t figure out what to do with my “nyet” not yet Russian girlfriend. It’s a long story that doesn’t matter now. But it was good to have a Russian classmate help me make sense of Russian Romance.

Daria lived on 2nd floor at Claremont Campus. Fred Wang was my housemate. Doo Cheol Ha was a few doors around the corner. Peggy Chen & Agnus Lin was somewhere in the building. Ditto with Evan Khan. And ditto with Vivek Pratap Pundir (our lovable classmate with a bit of OCPD) and so many more.

Daria met up with me twice after b-school in SoCal on her business trips and I visited her once on my Atlanta business trip.

It’s always good to catch up with Daria. And this time is no different. Originally, Daria was going to meet me just for drinks at 3pm. But then she wanted to show me Ponce City Market, and then we hiked along the Atlanta Beltline. And since it was already 6pm, why not grab dinner at a trendy Tappas restaurant nearby (I believe the restaurant was Barcelona Wine Bar. Excellent food).

Daria misses the good friends she made in London. Our classmate, Alanbek, introduced Daria to a number of ladies who became her besties.

For now, she’s in Atlanta. Until next time. до свидания (Das Svedanya).

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